Semi-Gantry Cranes Manufacturer (EOT) |EMH Crane Components

EMH semi-gantry cranes are, like the EMH bracket overhead travelling cranes, the optimal tool for working areas along the side of the building. Due to its gantry support, which can be designed without guides or trip rails, the force on the building is greatly reduced.


With a lifting capacity of up to 25 t and a maximum span of 40 m, EMH single girder overhead travelling cranes cover almost every requirement.


EMH double girder overhead travelling cranes not only offer higher lifting capacities of up to 200 t, but also enable further possibilities. Crane catwalks (maintenance platforms) as well as auxiliary hoists for larger loads can be selected for the EMH double girder overhead travelling crane.


EMH double girder overhead travelling cranes can have a span of up to 40 m. In special cases, spans of up to 42.5 m are also possible.